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How do I upload inventory?

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Click on the 'Upload Inventory' link under the 'Inventory' heading in the Control Panel menu. Or, click the 'Inventory: UPLOAD A FILE' widget.

If the data file contains a mixture of items for addition, modification and deletion, select the 'Add/Modify/Sold (all one file)' option from the 'I would like to' drop down menu. If the data file contains only items for deletion, select the 'Sold Books' option.

Then, click the 'Browse...' button to select the file you want to upload.

If the file you are uploading is a purge file (it contains ALL of your in-stock inventory), check the 'Purge my entire inventory' box.

Checking this box will delete all current records, and replace them with the data you are about to upload.

If the file does not include your entire inventory, leave the box unchecked.

To start the uploading process, click the 'Begin Upload' button.

Step 2 of the upload process will display a sample of the data you are about to upload. If everything looks correct, click the 'FINISH UPLOAD' button.

If you have checked the purge box, then the button will read 'FINISH UPLOAD (purge)' like in the example below.

The changes to your inventory will now be reflected on your website as well as your connected marketplaces.

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