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How do I connect Square to my website?

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Click on the 'Square' link under the 'Third-Party' heading in the Control Panel menu. Then, click the 'Connect to Square' button.

This will initiate a popup and prompt for your Square account login. Proceed to enter your credentials and sign in.

After you see the 'You are now authenticated' message, click 'Close Window' to return to the Square settings page.

From the 'Business Location' dropdown, choose the location best associated with your website. Then, check the 'Enable Square in Cart' box.

When you check the 'Enable Square in Cart' box, two more checkbox options will appear: 'Use Delay Capture' and 'Strong Customer Authentication' (see the boxes below the screenshot for more information). Choose if you would like to use these features. Then, click the 'Save' button.

Why delay capture?

When enabled, the request will only perform an 'Authorize' on the provided card and you can later 'Capture' or 'Void.' This will give you six days to cancel the order without having to refund. Maybe you don't have the book anymore, maybe you need to charge more for shipping, etc. When you get an order, it will appear in your Square account where you can authorize it, or you can use the “charge” button on the order details screen in the website admin/Control Panel.

NOTE: if you choose this option and for any reason do not charge the card within the six-day time period, you will lose the ability to charge the order. In that case, you will need to contact your customer for payment details again.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) is a new European requirement to make online credit and debit card  payments more secure in the European Economic Area (EEA). UK and EU sellers should enable this setting.

For sellers in other regions, you can choose to enable this setting. It does offer some additional security; however, it adds steps to the checkout process which may lead to more abandoned carts. Unless you are having issues with fraudulent orders, it may be best to leave this box unchecked.

If you do not click the Save button, your settings will not be applied to your website.

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