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How do I connect Authorize.Net to my website?

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1. Locate your API Login ID and Transaction Key

Bibliopolis will need your 'API Login ID' and 'Transaction Key.' Click here for instructions on how to obtain both of these.


With AUTH_ONLY transactions, your customer may see a pending charge on his or her account. However, before the customer is actually charged and before you receive the funds, you must submit the transaction for settlement. AUTH_ONLY transactions are stored in your 'Unsettled Transactions' in your Authorize.Net account for 30 days. If not captured within 30 days, the transaction will expire.

With the AUTH_CAPTURE method, the credit card is processed when the order is received (at the point-of-sale), and the transaction should charge and settle automatically.

AUTH_ONLY transactions can be settled in your Authorize.Net account, or you can use the 'charge' button on the order details screen in the website admin/Control Panel.

If you choose the 'AUTH_ONLY' option and for any reason do not charge the card within the allowed time period, you will lose the ability to charge the order. In that case, you will need to contact your customer for payment details again.

If you need to collect a separate payment from your customer, like extra shipping charges or something else, you can send your customer to the payment form where the customer can pay you any amount.

Customer Information Manager (CIM) allows you to store customers' sensitive payment information on Authorize.Net secure servers, simplifying your compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) as well as the payments process for returning customers and recurring transactions.

Bibliopolis shopping cart and customer accounts can integrate with this feature. This allows your customers to create multiple billing and shipping profiles and store credit cards on file with you.

Note, there is a one-time $200 setup fee for the integration of this feature.

4. Email [email protected]

Please email this information to [email protected]:

  • API Login ID -
  • Transaction Key -
  • Use Authorize.Net CIM (one-time $200 setup fee): yes or no
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