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How do I create a new shipping zone?

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Shipping is separated into two parts: Shipping Zones and Shipping Methods.

  • Shipping zones are regions set up based on country. By default, there are three shipping zones: US (Domestic), Canada & Mexico, and International. These can be customized to provide you with more precise shipping zones, such as a custom zone for Europe or Asia.
  • Shipping methods are specific shipping rates tied to a particular shipping zone. Click here for how to create a new shipping method.

Click on the 'Shipping Zones' link under the 'Commerce' heading in the Control Panel menu. Then, click the 'Add New Shipping Zone' button.

Write the name of your custom zone in the 'Shipping Zone' field. Then, select the countries you'd like to assign to the zone. When you are finished, click 'Save.'

If you are creating a zone for the EU, you can click the 'Select EU Countries' button to automatically assign those countries. Then, click 'Save.'

When you add countries to a new shipping zone, you will need to remove them from any other shipping zones. In the example above, the EU countries had previously been included in the "international" shipping zone.

After you click 'Save,' the next screen will show you two warnings: countries are double-assigned and the shipping zone doesn't have a shipping method assigned to it.

First, edit the "international" shipping zone. Choose 'International' from the dropdown menu and click 'Edit.'

The fastest way to remove the countries that are in your new zone is to select them and any countries included in other zones (such as the United States), then click the 'Invert' button.

In the EU example above, to update the "international" shipping zone, you would first click 'Select EU Countries.' Then, scroll down to the bottom of the list and hold down the Ctrl button (PC) or command button (Mac) then select Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and United States of America. Then, click the 'Invert' button.

You will see that the appropriate countries are now highlighted. Then, click 'Save.'

To complete your new shipping zone, you will need to assign at least one shipping method to that zone. If you need help creating a new shipping method, please click here.

Your customers will not be able to checkout in the cart if there's no shipping methods assigned to their country.

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