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How do I connect Braintree to my website?

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1. Locate your MerchantID, Public Key, and Private Key

Bibliopolis will need your 'MerchantID,' 'Public Key,' and 'Private Key,' which you can find by logging into your Braintree account. This information should appear on the home screen under the heading 'Production API Keys.'

2. Choose to 'Authorize' or 'Charge'

With authorized transactions, your customer may see a pending charge on his or her account. However, before the customer is actually charged and before you receive the funds, you must submit the transaction for settlement. The time before an authorization expires will vary based on the card type, but typically you have up to 7 days to settle the transaction.

If you choose to charge the credit card at the point-of-sale, then the transaction should charge and settle automatically.

Authorized transactions can be settled in your Braintree account, or you can use the 'charge' button on the order details screen in the website admin/Control Panel.

If you choose the 'authorize' option and for any reason do not charge the card within the allowed time period, you will lose the ability to charge the order. In that case, you will need to contact your customer for payment details again.

If you need to collect a separate payment from your customer, like extra shipping charges or something else, you can send your customer to the payment form where the customer can pay you any amount.

Using the Braintree Integrated PayPal option is more secure and better streamlined with the shopping cart experience.

If you wish to use this option, go to 'Processing' in your Braintree account and enable PayPal under the Payment Methods. You will need to accept the terms. Then, you will be need to login to your PayPal account. It will also ask you to enter your Privacy Policy and Terms & Condition URLs. These are most likely:

https://www.[your site here].com/privacy.php

https://www.[your site here].com/terms.php

You must have a PayPal Business account in order to set this up.

4. Email [email protected]

Please email this information to [email protected]:

  • MerchantID -
  • Public Key -
  • Private Key -
  • Authorize or Charge?
  • Use Braintree Integrated PayPal (recommended): yes or no
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