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How do I change my 'Shopping Cart Reminder' email settings & template?

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Shopping Cart Reminders are emails that are automatically sent to customers who add items to their shopping cart but do not complete the purchase. These emails are triggered 3 days (by default) after the cart has been created. You can change this setting. To automate shopping cart reminders, be sure to select "Yes" next to the "Automate" option.

1) Click 'Cart Reminders' under the 'Commerce' heading of the Control Panel.

2) If you'd like to automatically send cart reminder emails, Next to 'Automate' select 'Yes' from the drop-down menu,  if not, select 'No'.

3) Set the time of the 'Shopping Cart Reminder', Next to 'Days Until Reminder' select your time from the drop-down menu.

4) Under the 'Reminder Email' heading, edit your default reminder email's Subject, Intro, Closing & Footer text.

5) When you are finished, scroll down & click the 'Save' button.

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