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How do I add images to content?

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There are 2 ways to insert an image to your content page. Either buy linking direct to an image via a URL, or by uploading your own image.

Uploading via URL

Insert/Edit Image Button – you can add an image to the page if an image has been previously uploaded and you know the URL. You can also use this button to modify the attributes of an existing image, for example, alignment, dimensions & spacing.

Uploading your own image

Upload Image Button – you can upload an image from your computer to the website. Click on the 'Browse' button and locate  the file to upload. After uploading, click on the image to select, and then click the 'Insert/Edit Image' button to adjust its properties.

Once the image is uploaded, you can adjust various properties of the image by clicking on the image and then clicking the Insert/Edit Image button.

If you want the image to adjust automatically in width to fit various  mobile devices, you will need to add the class name 'img-responsive'. 

  • Select the image
  • Click on the 'Insert/Edit Image' button.
  • Click on the 'Appearance' tab.
  • Select 'img-responsive' from the Class menu. 
  • Click 'Update' to save 

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