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What are the different types of coupons?

New feature!  

Coupon's now have the option of combined discounts under the 'Coupon Calculation Method' section. For example, "25% off + Free Shipping" or "$10 off + Free Shipping."

Please note, If both "Flat Rate Calculation" & "Percentage Calculation" are selected, the system will combine the discount methods.

Flat Rate

Flat rate coupons are essentially electronic vouchers for merchandise offered on your website. This type of coupon is set up for a specific dollar amount, which the buyer can then apply to their order as payment or partial payment. Flat rate coupons are accepted as cash online. Unless the minimum order amount or order quantity is not met, flat rate coupons are accepted for all orders.

Percentage Off

Percentage off coupons offer your buyers a discount (by percentage) off of their order. When a percentage off coupon is applied to an order, the system will check whether or not the items in the order are already discounted. Discounts on items cannot be combined, and the system will choose the highest discount available when there is a choice.

Free Shipping

These coupons offer free shipping on their order and can be set to all shipping zones or only one (e.g., only free shipping within the US).

Customer Specific

Coupons that have been assigned to a specific customer's email address. These can require a code to activate or be automatic.

This is one way to offer a trade discount at the point of sale, as long as the email address is consistent.


Coupons that will be automatically redeemed in the cart (no coupon code required). If the buyer tries to enter another valid coupon code, the coupon code will replace the “auto” activated coupon. Only one coupon can be used per order.

Automatic coupons can be applied to a specific customer's email address or if the email field is left blank, they are applied to all customers.

How do customers redeem coupons?

Electronic coupons can be redeemed under 'Payment,' which is Step 3 of the checkout process. The buyer must type the code into the 'Coupon Code' box provided and click 'APPLY.' If the coupon code is valid, then the discount will be instantly applied to the order.

How does a coupon affect an already discounted item?

The website will NOT allow users to combine discounts. If the discount is greater than the percentage off coupon, then the coupon does not affect that item.

However, let's say an item is already on sale for 10% and they try to redeem a coupon for 20%, the maximum discount they will receive on the item is 20%. Essentially, an additional 10% will be deducted from price of the already discounted item.


In this example, the buyer is purchasing three items. Two are regularly priced at $250.00 and $3,000.00, and the third has a 10% discount applied lowering the price from $175.00 to $157.50.

The buyer has entered a coupon for 20% off their purchase. This is how the discount is calculated:

20% of $250.00 = $50
20% of $3,000.00 = $600
10% of $175.00 = $17.50

Coupon discount = $667.50

Can I exclude specific items from coupons/discounts?

Yes, but it will only apply to percentage off coupons and site discounts. In the Control Panel, go to 'Manage Inventory' and find the item that you wish to exclude from any discounts.

On the 'Edit Item' screen, go to the 'Pricing' tab and change the 'Allow Discounts' option to 'No.' Then, click 'Save Changes.'

This will tell the system NOT to discount the item with any site discounts or percentage off coupons.

Remember, this option only works for percentage off coupons. Flat rate coupons are accepted like cash.

How do I email a coupon to a specific customer?

Click on the 'Electronic Coupons' link under the 'Commerce' heading in the Control Panel menu. Then, click 'Send' to the right of the coupon.

Write in the email address or choose from the dropdown menu. Then, customize the email. When you are finished, click 'SEND EMAIL NOW.'

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