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How do I put my website 'on vacation'?

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Click on the 'Vacation Settings' link under the 'My Site' heading in the Control Panel menu.

Click 'Turn On' and then you can set dates, add a message, and specify whether you want to allow orders, which is already set to 'No' by default. When you are finished, click 'Save.'

'Your Message' will appear above searches, book details, and on the  shopping cart page. If you do not add a message, one of the following default messages will appear:

  • If you do not allow orders: "[Store Name] is on vacation. We are not processing orders until we return."
  • If you do allow orders: "[Store Name] is on vacation. There may be delays in processing orders."

If you do not allow orders, customers will still be able to add items to their cart.

If you would like to put a message across the top of your site with any additional information, you can use the Site Wide Message tool.

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