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How do I connect to/start selling on Abebooks?

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Log in to your ABE account, scroll down to the footer and click on 'Customer Support'


Under the 'Self-service tools' heading, click 'Contact Customer Support'.

Click 'Selling'.

Click 'Managing your inventory'

Click 'Inventory files'

Send a message to customer support with the following message:


Please note my new upload file is now a BookHound 8 formatted(tab-delimited) text file with a .txt extension. The status of my records should be determined by the quantity field: a quantity of 1 or greater indicates that the record should be added; a quantity of less than 1 (zero) indicates that the record is to be removed.

The first record in all upload files is a header record with fields in the following order:  

dj (y/n)
signed (y/n)
first_ed (y/n)
subject 1
subject 2
subject 3
subject 4
subject 5
alt_1 (or optional 1 - not used by default)
alt_2 (or optional 2 - not used by default)
type (product type if known, legacy field was called alt_3 or optional 3)
quantity (0 = delete; >0 = add)

Please notify me a soon as you have made the necessary changes to my account so that I may begin to upload my records as soon as possible.

2. Locate your FTP Username and FTP Password/API Key

Login to Abebooks. Scroll down to the 'Member's Menu' then click 'Account Details' under the 'My Personal Information' heading.

Click on 'Marketplace Profile.'

Scroll down to 'Account information.' The 'User ID' is your FTP Username.

Click on 'My Account' and scroll down to return to the 'Member's Menu.' Then, click 'My API Key' under the 'My Personal Information' heading.

Click on the 'Regenerate API Key' button. Please be sure to copy and save the API Key.

3. Enter your FTP Username and FTP Password/API Key

Login in to your Bibliopolis Admin/Control Panel. Click on 'Marketplaces' under the 'Inventory' heading. Then, click on 'ABE.'

Leave the 'Listing Status' as 'Inactive' until you receive confirmation that Abebooks has adjusted your upload format. Enter your FTP Username and FTP Password/API Key. Click 'Save Changes.'

4. Receive confirmation from Abebooks

Once Abebooks has confirmed that your upload format has been adjusted, update your 'Pricing' and 'Export Options' preferences and change the following settings:

Listing Status: set to “Active”
Send Images: set to “Yes”
Purge Ready: set to “Yes” (only do this if your website inventory is up to date)

When you are finished, click 'Save Changes.'


Within in an hour, our system will send a purge/replace file with all of your active inventory items. Going forward, we will upload adds and deletes as they are received on the website.

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