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Updated Mar 30, 2021

If you are looking for how to begin selling on eBay, please see 'How do I connect to/start selling on eBay?'

You can find additional tips in our 'Getting started on eBay' article.

How do I reconnect to eBay?

Connections last for 15 months, after which time, you will need to reconnect your account. Bibliopolis will send you an email when it is time to do so.

A change to your account, such as a new password, may also cause BookRouter to disconnect from eBay.


1. Click on 'Marketplaces' under the 'Inventory' heading on the Control Panel menu. Then, click on 'eBay.'

2. Click 'Connect to eBay.'

3. This will open a popup window where you will login to eBay with your eBay username and password. On the next screen, click the 'Agree' button to grant BookRouter application access. After, you can close this window and finish your setup of eBay.

4. Check your settings and change the 'Listing Status' to 'Active.' A popup window will appear confirming you would like to activate eBay, click the 'I understand and wish to proceed' button. Then, click the 'Save Changes' button.

How do I manually select items to be listed on eBay?

You can choose to select items to be listed yourself or contact us to discuss ways that we can help automate selection.

If you are new to selling on eBay with low selling limits and would prefer to select items yourself, we recommend you mark individual items for sale on eBay after they have been uploaded. If your selling limits are higher, you can contact us about adding a field to your uploads.

If you select items yourself, please be sure to stay within your current selling limits. eBay will reject listings above your limit, which can cause our system to become out of sync with eBay's.

First, login to your Admin/Control Panel, then click on 'Manage Inventory' under the 'Inventory' heading. Search for the item you would like to add to eBay.

Click 'Edit' under the item.

Go to the 'BookRouter' tab. Then check the box next to 'eBay.' (Note: your screen should not say 'inactive' next to eBay. If it does, please contact us.) When you are finished, click the 'Save Changes' button.

Items must have at least one image to be listed. eBay will reject listings without images.

Do NOT edit or delist items in eBay. Only update your items through Bibliopolis.

If we already automate most of the selection and you are manually selecting a few additional items, you can filter your search with the following:

  • Has Photos = Yes
  • Available = Yes
  • eBay = No

That will help you search your stock for items with photos that are not already listed on ebay.

eBay is switching me to their new 'Managed Payments' system. Does this affect BookRouter?

This switch will not affect your BookRouter uploads. However, you will need to update your 'Payment' business policy after you are moved to the new system.

Please wait until after eBay has activated the new 'Managed Payments' system, then follow these steps:

Click here and log in to your account to go directly to the 'Manage your business policies' page. Click on the 'Payment' link above your policies to filter them by just your Payment policies.

Click the 'Edit' link to the left of the policy.

You will see a message in red to re-save the policy. You can edit the name or description, if you wish. Then, click 'Save.'

You should see a message saying you've successfully edited the policy.

Will BookRouter send items without images to eBay?

No, BookRouter will only send items that have images.

How do I edit the title of my eBay listing?

Click on 'Manage Inventory' under the 'Inventory' heading on the Control Panel menu. Then, search for the item.

Click 'Edit' under the item.

Click 'eBay Properties.'

Uncheck the box next to 'Use Auto Title.'

Edit the title, then click the 'Save Properties' button.

Does BookRouter accomodate store categories?

Yes. In order to do so, you must first create the categories in your eBay store. BookRouter will only match the categories, it will not create them.

Then, you have two options:

1. If your eBay store categories are the same as those already uploaded to BookRouter via upload or data-entry, they will automatically be matched in eBay.

2. If the store category names are different in eBay, then you can assign 'StoreCategoryID' in BookRouter to the category under our 'Manage Categories' tool. On the category edit page there is a 'Custom' tab where  you will find an 'eBay StoreCategoryID' field.

First, you will need to find your category ID on eBay. Click here to go to your 'Manage My Store' page. Then, click the 'Store Categories' link on the left.

Click on the category name.

Then, look at the URL. The number to the right of "catid=" is the store category ID.

Once you have your category ID, login to your Control Panel/Admin. Click on the 'Manage Categories' link under the 'Lists' heading in the Control Panel menu. Then, choose the category you would like to assign the store category name to and click 'Edit.'

Click on the 'Custom' tab, then type the category ID in the 'eBay StoreCategoryID' field. When you are finished, click 'Save.'

Control Panel
Can I create an auction listing?

We do not support auctions; however, you can create auction listings directly on eBay. If you would like to list items for auction, they should not be included in your upload.

If the item has already been uploaded, you can delist it from eBay following these steps:

Click on 'Manage Inventory' under the 'Inventory' heading in the Control Panel menu. Then, search for the item.

Click 'Edit' under the item.

Click on the 'BookRouter' tab. Then, uncheck the box next to eBay and click the 'Save Changes' button. (Note: your screen should not say 'inactive' next to eBay, if it does please contact support@bibliopolis.com.)

Can I have different shipping policies for different types of items?

Yes. When you are initially setting up your business policies, we recommend focusing on your default policies for payment, returns, and shipping. For help with this, click here. If you would like help setting up additional shipping policies, please contact us at support@bibliopolis.com.

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