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How do I connect to/start selling on Biblio?

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Uploads for ABAA, IOBA, & Rare Book Hub are uploaded via Biblio for members who list on these sites.

1. Locate your FTP Username and FTP Password

Login to Biblio. From the Bookseller Menu, click 'Inventory' then click 'Upload Listings.'

Click the 'FTP username and password' link in the box on the right under 'Maximum File Size.' Your FTP Username and Password are listed on the next screen.

2. Enter your FTP Username and FTP Password

Login in to your Bibliopolis Admin/Control Panel. Click on 'Marketplaces' under the 'Inventory' heading. Then, click on 'Biblio.'

Enter the FTP Username and FTP Password from the previous step, update your 'Pricing' and 'Export Options' preferences, and change the following settings:

Listing Status: set to “Active”
Send Images: set to “Yes”
Purge Ready: set to “Yes” (only do this if your website inventory is up to date)

When you are finished, click 'Save Changes.'

Within in an hour, our system will send a purge/replace file with all of your active inventory items. Going forward, we will upload adds and deletes as they are received on the website.

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