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How do I Connect to Amazon? (2023)

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Effective December 31, 2022, Amazon Marketplace Web Service (MWS) requires that all third-party developed applications by selling partners ("public applications" like BookRouter) must be fully integrated with Amazons new Selling Partner API (SP-API). Bibliopolis has updated the BookRouter integration to support SP-API but for the updates to take effect sellers must reconnect to Amazon under the Marketplaces page in their admins.

Bibliopolis only supports the US / North American Amazon Marketplace (US, CA, MX). We do not support Amazon EU, JP, CN, IN or AU.

Connecting BookRouter to Amazon

Before you begin, please email [email protected] with your interest in purchasing the Amazon BookRouter Plus option. The service is $15/month with no setup fees.  Amazon is included in our eBay package as well.

Also before getting started, You will need to have a "Amazon Seller Central" account open.  You can sign up or login at

1). In the 'Control Panel' underneath the 'Inventory' heading, click 'Marketplaces'.

2) Click the 'Amazon' dropdown menu.

3) Under 'Amazon Selling Partner Credentials', click the 'Connect to Amazon' button.

4) Sign in to your 'Amazon Seller Central' account.

5) Check the box that reads "I direct Amazon to provide Bibliopolis BookRouter access to my Selling Partner account and related data.  I am responsible for any actions taken by the application."  and click 'Confirm'

6) You should see this screen if you have been properly authenticated.

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