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How can I shorten links/URLs?

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Bibliopolis websites support four types of Shortcut URLs:

1. Single Item

https://www.[Your Site Name].com/book.php?id=12345

The number following the "id=" is the book number of the item that you are building the Shortcut URL to.

2. Multiple Items

https://www.[Your Site Name].com/book.php?id=12345+12346+12347

The numbers following the "id=" are the book numbers of the items that you are building the Shortcut URL to.

3. Cart/Checkout

https://www.[Your Site Name].com/sc.php?id=12345+12346+12347

The number(s) following the "id=" are the book number(s) of the item(s) that you are building the Shortcut URL to. In this example, items 12345, 12346, and 12347 will automatically be placed into the shopping cart so that the customer does not need to add each one individually. This is a great way to get new customers to buy from your site!

4. Category or Catalog

https://www.[Your Site Name].com/cat.php?id=123

The number following the "id=" in the above example is the ID of the category or catalog that you are building the Shortcut URL to. The Category/Catalog ID can  be found in the Admin/Control Panel.

Click on 'Manage Categories' (or 'Manage Catalogs') under the 'Lists' heading. Then, click the 'View All' link.

To the left of the category/catalog name, is a unique ID. This is the ID that you will use to create the Shortcut URL.

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