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Can I FTP images to my site?

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Yes, simply email [email protected] to request an FTP account for bulk uploading of photos.

We recommend Filezilla or Cyberduck for FTP Clients but any client should work. We recommend using FTPS or sFTP to connect securely.

Bulk uploading images requires you to rename the images to attach them to the correct inventory item.

Image names should be saved so that the file name matches your inventory number (e.g., 12345.jpg would get assigned to item #12345 in your inventory). You can upload multiple images per item by appending an underscore and number to the file name.

Example:Book #12345

  • 12345.jpg or 12345_1.jpg (Image 1)
  • 12345_2.jpg (Image 2)
  • 12345_3.jpg (Image 3)
  • ... and so on
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