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BookHound 8 - Windows 11 Fix

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To install BookHound on your new system, please follow these instructions:

  1. Back Up Your Existing BookHoundFolder:
    1. Locate your existing BookHound folder. Usually this is named BookHound 8, and is in yourMy DocumentsFolder
    2. Right Click on the folder, and select 'Compress to ZIP file'. This will create a .zip archive of your current BookHound.
  2. Download BookHound:
    • Access the new installation file using this link: BookHound Windows 11 Fix.
    • Download the '' file to your computer.
  3. Unzip and Install:
    • Locate the downloaded file. This is usually in your Downloads Folder. Move it in to yourMy Documentsfolder and unzip the file. This will create a new BookHound folder.
  4. Transfer Data File:
    • From your old BookHound 8 Folder, copy the 'Data.fmpur' file (right click, Copy).
    • Paste this file (right click, Paste) into the newly created BookHound folder. You might be prompted to overwrite the existing 'Data.fmpur' file. If prompted, confirm to overwrite.
    • If you are not prompted to overwrite, recheck the file path to ensure you're placing the file in the correct location.
  5. Launch BookHound:
    • Open the new BookHound folder.
    • Click on the BookHound application icon to start the program.

If you have a shortcut on your desktop of taskbar, you will need to delete this, and create a shortcut to the new location.


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